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How To Care for your Doll's Hair

Updated: Apr 7, 2018

One of the very best things about your new doll is her beautiful hair. Sometimes your dolls hair will get dirty, messy and badly tangled so here are some tips to help to keep your dolls hair looking beautiful.

1. First you need to get the right tools for your dolls hair.

a) Your dolls hair is not made from real hair but from what we call synthetic hair.

b) The right brush to use is a wired bristle brush on straight hair and a metal hair pick on curly hair. The reason we use a wired brush and NOT a rubber/plastic bristled brush is because rubber/plastic bristles cause static and will make the hair stick up and look funny and also a rubber/plastic bristle can catch the hair and break it. You can find a wire brush or metal pick at the beauty supply store.

c) You need a spray bottle because the best way to brush your dolls hair is to get it a little wet first.

d) You will need some butterfly clips or barrettes or scrunchies.

e) Before you start to brush or comb your dolls hair make sure your hands are clean. You do not want any food or mess in your dolls hair.

2. Where are you going to put your doll when you brush or comb her hair? a) A doll stand is a good way to hold your doll so that you have both hands free, and it holds the doll upright.

b) You can also use a salon chair made for dolls so the doll can sit down and be strapped down in the chair to hold her steady

c) You can also put your doll between your legs in a upright position to hold her in place.

3) Now you are ready to brush or comb your doll's hair. Now we must determine if she has straight or curly hair.


· First, add water to your spray bottle and mist your dolls hair with your sprayer, just a little, it doesn’t have to be too wet. You will need your wire bristle brush for this type of hair

· Part a section of her hair and clip or use a scrunchies to hold the rest of her hair while you work on that part.

· Now start near the ends, and brush out her hair, using short, gentle strokes.

· Work your way up: ends, then middle, then top, gently brushing out any tangles.

· Continue to the next section.

· If you are going to style your doll’s hair, clip aside the sections until all of the hair is brushed out and then proceed to style.


· First, add water to your spray bottle and mist your dolls hair with your sprayer. Just a little. It doesn’t have to be too wet. You will need your wire pick and the wire bristle brush for this hair type.

· Whether you put the hair in two puffs or one puff never brush the hair all the way through. Just brush the top part to gather it in one or two puffs to get it to lay flat. Once you put the scrunchie or barrette around the section pick out the hair so you don’t lose the curls. You can also use your fingers to fluff it out.

· Always be gentle to keep that natural look

· To get a nice even puff, just pick and pat it down and shape the puff with your hands

3. How to wash your dolls hair No matter how careful you are, everybody’s hair gets dirty after a while. Yours does, mine does, and dolly’s hair gets dirty too. How do we clean it?

· Get a big bowl and fill it half way with cool water.

· Do not use warm or hot water because the heat can relax curls.

· Gently stir in one-quarter teaspoon of baby shampoo.

· Undress your doll, and put her in a plastic bag up to her chin. This is to keep her body dry.

· Dip your doll’s head into the bowl, and gently swirl it around, until the hair is completely wet. Make sure you do not get water on her face you do not want water to get in the pockets of her eyes.


· Gently massage the shampoo into her hair, being careful not to twist, pull or break it.

· Get as much of the doll’s hair in the bowl as you can, and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

· Empty the ‘shampoo’ and refill the bowl with cool clean water, swirl and rinse three times.

· You can also use your mister bottle to rinse off the shampoo.

· Hold the doll upside down so her hair hangs, and gently shake out the rinse water.

· Wrap the hair in a soft cloth like an old towel, and gently squeeze out the water. Do not twist or wring your doll’s hair.

· Brush out her hair when most of the water is gone, but while it is still damp, damp like when you use your mister.

· Remember: do not brush wet hair and do not brush dry hair. Only brush damp hair. Done!

4. Air Dry your dolls hair Never, ever, ever, use a hair dryer!!! It will melt your doll’s hair!!! And that goes double-triple for curling irons! No!! Just let it air dry.

5. How to deal with Tangles Tangles are a problem. That’s why we told you to mist and brush gently especially when you change your doll’s clothes. But if you do get tangles, here are few tricks we’ve learned:

· Detangle Spray: Use a baby’s detangle spray for minor tangles. Spray a little on and gently work your brush through the hair, starting at the ends.

· The fabric softener soak: If your doll’s hair is in really bad shape, tangled and frizzy and awful, you can shampoo her hair in fabric softener. Use three cap-fulls in a large bowl half-full with water, and then just follow the same process as in the “How to wash your doll’s hair.”

· Unfortunately this will also straighten most doll hair. You will need to re-set, curl and style it after. You can use rod curls to re-set the curls

Water sprayer, Wire pick and Wire bristle brush

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