About Me

Cheryl Hinton is the founder of Black Dollz Rock

A company whose focus is addressing the

 issue of racial disparities in the toy industry.

We aim to teach young girls of color the importance of self-love from early childhood

and beyond through dolls that represent the vast array of complexions in the

African diaspora and trendy fashions

as colorful as the dolls. 



Cheryl Hinton is a native New Yorker, a single mom and a born again Christian which is why it’s no surprise that the companies mantra is based of Psalms 139:14 we believe that every little girl no matter the race, creed, or ethnicity, is “beautifully made!”

In November of 2014 while on the hunt for a Christmas gift for her great-niece Cheryl realized that the toy shelves seemed to be lacking dolls of color. After talking to friends and neighbors she realized that she wasn’t the only person with this dilemma. After weeks of searching she found a doll in her niece’s likeness and Christmas was saved but this wouldn’t be the end of Cheryl’s journey. In January of 2015, Cheryl after a month of siting on the curiosity about the lack African American representation in the toy industry, she decided to do a deeper search, online, and the doll that she found for her niece popped up again and it was on sale and so she decide to buy one just to see what it really looked like in person.


The doll was beautiful but her clothes were horrible. And as a former seamstress and self proclaimed fashionista she was presented with another dilemma, not only were there a lack of dolls, there also seemed to be a lack of fashion accessories for the small amount of dolls she did find. This led to a search for doll clothes where she found a plethora of online stores selling clothes and footwear. As she would do for her own closet she purchased 3 pairs of sneakers and two outfits. She also bought a couple of patterns from the store for 18 inch dolls and decided that maybe she would make some outfits for the doll herself.  


The time spent on doll research turned a harmless inquiry into an intense and a passion. One doll turned into 10 dolls within 3 months. She also found some adult doll enthusiast groups and joined those to learn more about this new adventure she stumbled on.   Through the doll groups she learned about a site called  Pixie Faire where tons of designers sell doll clothes patterns.


Cheryl became very excited and began making doll clothes for her dolls in trendy fashions, and showing them to her friends with daughters. She decided to start a Facebook page  to showcase the dolls and while sitting on her couch the words black dolls rock came to her mind. So she decided to name the page Black Dollz Rock with the thought that this would become an avenue for Black dolls to be shown in trendy fashions and an opportunity to teach girls through the dolls to love the person God created them to be.